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Beaches, swimming, entertainment

The beaches in Podgora can be divided up into several individual groups.

  • The beach near the rest camp Sutikla is located at the end of the hotel part of the resort in the direction to village Čaklje. It is a shingle beach, located near not heavily used road connecting Čaklje and Podgora. Refreshment is provided by pleasant beach bar. There is also big discotheque.

  • Central beaches in front of the hotels. In some places you can find shade under the full-grown trees that reach from the promenade. The advantage is that refreshment is within easy reach, there are no cars, but the place is really very busy.

  • Beaches near the port. There are two new small beaches in the nearest neighbourhood of the port where you can rest. The beaches are not shaded and are located in the vicinity of a few small pizzerias and restaurants.

  • Beaches behind the port. These are probably the best beaches in Podgora. The shingle beach is approximately one kilometre long. There are many trees and so people can rest both in the sun and in the shade of pines. Refreshment and food is provided by one restaurant and a beach bar.

  • Natural beaches. The best accessible natural beach is at the end of the shingle beach behind the port in the direction to Tučepi. You can find very romantic secluded places there. Part of the beaches is reserved for nudists. On all beaches (except the natural beaches), there are showers with fresh water and bathing-cabins. You can hire a deck chair and a parasol on payment. The access to the water is relatively gradual. The beaches are suitable also for small children. There is minimal occurrence of sea-urchins in this area.

  • You can try your hand at fishing, on mole or even in other places.

  • You can hire a motor boat at the port and go for a trip to bays to Hvar or behind Drašnica where you can be all alone without other tourists.

  • On the beaches, you can try paragliding, ride the „banana“ or hire a water scooter.

  • You can also pay for the deep-sea diving courses in Podgora, for example by Birgmaier Sub.

  • You can also pay for the trips from Podgora on bigger excursion boats (boats David, Dva Brata, Bavaria) for example to Korčula, to visit Hvar island (Jelsa, Vrbovska) or to visit popular Zlaty rat on Brač where you can also have a swim.

  • Water polo is being played at the port regularly in the evening during the season, which is very pleasant sight.