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Town of Mostar will offer to you an oriental atmosphere. Once you move from the road to shiny stony paving, you will absorb the unique atmosphere of curvy narrow streets, surrounded by little shops, filled with wide range of souvenirs, as handmade products, carpets, carved products, also many more. You can hear tools from the ironmongery workshops (making dishes, vases made from cartridge cases). You can enjoy the mixture of different appetizing aromas from restaurants and coffee houses. Right here you can taste and enjoy the real Turkish coffee, served in traditional dish. Even though at the local market you can get the homemade rakija spirit, some of the local restaurants do not serve alcohol drinks. If you are at the local market at the right time, you might experience the magic moment, when the rush of the market is out voiced by the prayers from nearby minarets. Many mosques opened their interiors for tourists; you just have to pay an entrance fee.