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The highest point of the Biokovo Mountains, Sveti Jure, is accessible by a narrow road, and requires experienced and patient driver. From Podgora you can access the road leading near the gas station. The first part leads through the old town of Podgora, which was greatly damaged by strong earthquake in 1962. Already on this part of the road you can enjoy a panorama view at the town and surrounding recreational areas. There is a small entrance fee to the National Park Biokovo. The first third of the road is wide enough, with many parking spots to enjoy the great vistas. The second third of the road leads through the massif, the road is wide enough for one car only. Here you have to be very careful and predict well, because any car coming from the other way means for someone reversing at least 10 meters or more, to the next passing spot. The last third of the road leads to the top in curves and steep uphill ride. By the time you enter to top of the hill with TV broadcaster, you will see the fantastic view to the inland and of the see. Coming downhill it is interesting to take turn to Vošac, from where you can by an easy hike access nice view point. You will see from this point the Makarska town from the high of 1200 meters. It is absolutely worthwhile…