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The most visited town of Croatian Seacoast. It has 50 thousand inhabitants. It is written on the list of UNESCO heritage as a historic landmark. Dubrovnik is located 130km from Podgora. The journey to Dubrovnik is leading though the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will need your passport to cross the borders. On your way you will see many beautiful panorama views of Islands of Southern Dalmatia. The new bridge before Dubrovnik provides wonderful panorama views and also makes the way shorter. This town is surrounded by fortification and there is really no need to introduce this beautiful place. You just need to experience this top adventure yourself. The best is to walk on the walls of the fortification. We recommend bring with you enough fluids, there is no possibility of buying refreshments once you are walking on the walls. You will have a chance to enjoy the panorama view of the town from the road above the town, direction to airport Cilipi. Parking is available near the fortification of the town. But you will find the parking spot only in morning hours.