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This center of the Makarska Riviera County has 11000 citizens. The distance is only 10 km from Prodgora, in direction to Split. New district of the town consist mainly from blocks of flats, slowly changing to small summer residences and villas. The old town has classical old architecture. In narrow streets you can find small shops, favorite place for tourists. In the center of the town is a big market and very good supplied fish market. Parking in the center of the town is complicated, in the main season the spots are most of the time occupied. In the old town you also find many restaurants and sightseeing. Very interesting is the museum with collections of shells, you can find this museum in Franciscan monastery at the suburbs. The town has many shingle beaches. The biggest and well known is the Donja Luka Beach. In this area are most of the hotels and recreations areas of the town. The beaches are surrounded by pine trees. Very nice is the walk on the beach and around marina. The town is a starting point for trips to Bra? Island. The ferry terminal is easy to find, just follow the local signs.